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React / front-end contract work

Charlie Offenbacher https://www.thebookrocket.com/
Remote (if you are in São Carlos, we can meet sometimes)
20 de Março, 23:27

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Descrição da vaga

Company: We provide software to college bookstores in the US and are growing fast.

Tech: React / ES6 / Docker / RethinkDB-over-websocket (Meteor style).

Project: The first project we're planning is on the order of ~100hrs over ~1-2 months. There will be more projects in the future (if the first one goes well, you'd be first choice for the next ones).

Compensation: per hour, negotiable based on experience. 


- solid English reading / writing, speaking not so important but nice to have

- solid front-end dev skills. Don't need to be an expert if you can learn fast. No weird whiteboard coding required, just demonstration that you'll be good at the work! 

- freedom to work as a PJ / contractor, no conflicting non-competes etc. 

Como se candidatar

  1. Encontre uma vaga, pesquise seus requisitos e garata que os cumpra.
  2. Escreva seu currículo e uma carta de apresentação.
  3. Pegue algumas referências de experiências anteriores.
  4. Se candidate online ou por E-Mail.
  5. Após uma semana, entre em contato com o responsável pela contratação.

email charlie@thebookrocket.com